Kia Sorento Crankshaft Bolt Defect Settlement

 Kia Sorento Crankshaft Bolt Defect Settlement


 If you are a current or prior owner or lessee of a 2003-2006 Kia Sorento with a 3.5 liter engine in the US, you could be affected by a class action settlement.

Filing Deadline: May 17, 2017


Eligible Class Members: If you owned or leased a model year 2003-2006 Kia Sorento with a 3.5-liter engine, you may be entitled to benefits from this Kia class action settlement.

Case History: A settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit over allegations certain Kia Sorento vehicles were equipped with a defective crankshaft bolt that could break in some conditions. When the crankshaft pulley bolt breaks, it can damage other engine components, the Kia Sorento class action lawsuit alleges. The damaged engine components can reportedly cause significant issues, including the loss of steering control and possible engine failure that can increase the risk of an accident. The plaintiffs assert Kia knew about the Sorento engine defect for years but failed to disclose the problem to consumers. Kia denies the allegations but the vehicle manufacturer has agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid the cost and burden of ongoing litigation. The Kia crankshaft bolt defect settlement was preliminarily approved on Nov. 2, 2016.

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Important Dates

Objection/Opt-Out Deadline: April 3, 2017

Claim Filing Deadline: May 17, 2017

Final Approval Hearing: June 19, 2017


What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by one or more plaintiffs on behalf of others who have a similar legal claim.  Class action lawsuits provide an economical and efficient method to recover monetary damages caused by others’ wrongdoing because they allow people to join together as a group in a single lawsuit against one or more defendants.

What are these lawsuits about?

Plaintiffs allege a defect in the design of the crankshaft pulley bolt and balancer in the Class Vehicles, which can cause the front pulley bolt to break and cause damage to other engine components. Plaintiffs also allege that KMA knew of this possibility and failed to disclose it to consumers, and refused to honor the warranty and repair the Class Vehicles. The Court dismissed certain claims, and retained other claims, and the parties now desire to settle the remaining claims as to all Class Members.

Who is included in these settlements?

Generally, you may be included in this settlement if you are a current or prior owner or lessee of a 2003-2006 Kia Sorento with a 3.5 liter engine in the US.

How much money can I get?

The settlement provides reimbursement up to $4,900 for certain out-of-pocket expenses for repairs related to the crankshaft pulley bolt failure.  The amount each Class Member is eligible to receive depends on several factors, though, including whether they are an original purchaser and still own the Class vehicle; they are an original purchaser of the Class vehicle but no longer own the vehicle; whether they purchased a used Class vehicle; and when the crankshaft pulley failure occurred.

Who is Refund Advocacy?

Refund Advocacy is a leading third-party class action settlement claims recovery firm.  You can learn more about us by clicking on the ‘About’ tab.

What are some of the services that Refund Advocacy provides?

Refund Advocacy prepares and submits our clients’ claims to participate in the recoveries provided by settlement or other resolutions of class actions. Our team also assists in helping you provide any necessary supporting documentation, resolve claims questions from the Claims Administrator, and then reviews the recovery amount to assure the correct compensation has been received.  We’ll handle the ins and outs of this process and keep you updated along the way.

Is Refund Advocacy affiliated with Class Counsel or the Claims Administrator?

No. Refund Advocacy is a private class action settlement claims recovery firm.

Does Refund Advocacy provide legal services or advice?

No. Refund Advocacy is not your attorney, does not practice law, and does not provide you with legal representation or advice.  If you want legal advice or legal services, you should contact class counsel or an attorney of your choosing.

Do I need to hire Refund Advocacy to receive a recovery from a class action settlement?

No, you do not have to hire Refund Advocacy or any other third-party claim-filing firm to obtain a recovery.

What is Refund Advocacy’s compensation?

As detailed in our Authorization Agreement, our fees are an agreed-upon contingent commission which we will only be paid if you receive a recovery. There are no up-front fees or other costs.